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You can analyze the credit background of the person through such reports & can forecast his repayment capability.

Credit monitoring will help the person in changing the financial behavior that may lower his credit scores.

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Meaning & purpose of free credit report?

The credit report also known as credit history of individual reflecting personal & financial details of the individual. You can get access to free credit reports once in 12 months. Only few companies are authorized nationwide to provide credit reports to customers that are Equifax, Experian, and Transunion. These companies are working under the framework of "The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)" thatprovides guidelines regarding credit reporting. FCRA guidelines state that credit report should provide accurate & compete details which must be kept secure & safe. The data in a credit report is collected through creditors, lenders & other public records. The credit report companies can provide this data to credit providers on demand when they are lending money to the person whose report they are asking so visit nation21cashloans.com for bad credit borrowing.

Information included in credit report

  • Credit report shall include information related to various debt accounts of individuals such as credit cards, retail credit cards, and loans, etc. All these accounts together will constitute a credit score of a person & helps the credit provider in judging the repayment capacity.
  • Credit report shall also include the detail regarding debt inquiries carried on by credit providers. Some debt inquiries which will result into increase in debts shall be reflected in credit report while small level inquiries are not reflected in credit report. They are visible only to individuals. Even if they are not visible, they will have impact on credibility & credit score of individuals.
  • The credit reports also account for public records that are related to legal actions taken against individuals such as Bankruptcies, Tax Liens & court judgments. Tax liens refers to default committed by a person in payment of tax liability. Such default shall be reflected in credit report of a person up to 10 years from filing date & if paid in between, then paid tax lien shall be deleted seven years from the date tax is paid. The court judgments pursuing against individuals related to debt repayments shall be recorded in the credit report for seven years from the date of filing & shall be removed once payment is made. Bankruptcy information shall also be visible in individual's credit report for seven years from the date of filing.

To get free credit report, you are required to provide name, address, Social Security number, previous address if any & date of birth. A credit report provides accurate information regarding your eligibility to apply for a loan if you want to know how these services works then you need to visit relavent sites. It also acts as a guard to protect the identity against theft.

Identity theft includes misuse of personal information of a person with the intention to commit fraud. These identity thieves use your person information & get a credit card in your names. They spend a lot of money using that credit card but never pay the bill. This default payment shall be then reflected in your credit report as your name is involved & your eligibility to apply for a loan shall get hampered.

Reporting errors or inaccuracies in credit report

FCRA provides that if any errors & inaccuracies are found in the credit report of an individual, the credit reporting company & the information provider both shall be responsible. The individual has the following remedy in this situation:

Inform the company generating credit reports regarding inaccuracies in writing. The company shall take one month approximately to investigate the matter provided claim filed by you is true. A notice will be sent to person from whom information was collected along with the information to investigate the matter & provide results. The information provider shall investigate further & send the results of their investigation to credit reporting company. If the claim filed is correct & recorded information in credit report is wrong, all three credit reporting companies shall be informed so that necessary corrections can be made. The final results shall also be communicated to the individual who has filed a claim along with the corrected report after finishing the investigation.Any wrong information or information which is in dispute shall not be included in report unless it is corrected & verified by the creditor.

However in case dispute does not get resolved, the individual can ask the credit reporting company to record that statement of dispute in his file and the future reports. Such statement shall be provided to anyone who seeks the copy of credit report of that individual.

Ordering free credit report

The credit report can be accessed through the website of a company, through a toll-free number, or by sending mail at prescribed mailing address.

Website address:  www.annualcreditreport.com
Toll-free number:  1-877-322-8228
Mailing address :  Annual Credit report request service
                                PO Box 105281
                                Atlanta, GA 303485281

If a report is ordered online, then immediate access is provided & if the report is ordered using toll-free number or mailing option, the report shall be delivered to you within 15 days of receipt of the request. There is only one website authorized for providing credit reports. All other websites claiming to generate free credit reports are not legally authorized. There are some "imposter" websites & URLs with misspelled address of the authorized website designed to take the advantage of the ignorance of people. These websites may collect your personal information or may try to sell something but will not solve your purpose of getting a credit report. It must be noted that annualcreditreport.com and credit reporting companies will never send any email or make a call asking your personal information.

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